Q+A with Roxy Te Owens of Society Social

Let's fill in the blank...
M: I'm most excited to jet-set to __________ this summer!
R: St. Lucia with a big group of our dear friends!
M: I keep __________ in my handbag at all times.
R: My metro card in the same simple plastic case I bought when I moved to the city when I was 21. It reminds me that adventure can always be right around the corner (or a packed stinky subway ride depending on the day!).
M: Your best kept tip for hosting a dinner party.
R: Buy too much wine, always.
M: When it comes to embroidered linens, I'm setting my table with lots of __________ and __________ this summer!
R: Blue and Aqua. I love watery hues in the summertime!
M: My cocktail playlist always includes __________.
R: Britney, Whitney, or Mariah.
M: When I host a party I never __________.
R: Leave on overhead lighting. Ambiance is key, so candles and lamps always!
M: My favorite cocktail is __________.
R: G&T forever. With Hendricks!
M: My go-to designer for finding the best summer frocks for summer parties is __________.
R: Zara! Not really a designer, but affordable and always on point.
M: Best appetizer to make when I'm entertaining this summer is __________.
R: Mozzarella and Watermelon or Peach skewers with Basil and Balsamic.
M: The #1 rule I go by when monogramming my linens is:
R: Keep it bright and cheeky and Lettermade!