Q+A with Bradley Agather Means

Let's fill in the blank...
M: I'm most excited to jet-set to __________ this summer!
B: Africa
M: I keep __________ in my handbag at all times.
B: Aquaphor, Sisley Lip Twist (#11), and a Mophie iPhone charger
M: Your best kept tip for hosting a dinner party.
B: Lighting is key! I add lots of candles. Everyone feels prettier in candlelight. 
M: When it comes to embroidered linens, I'm setting my table with lots of __________ and __________ this summer!
B: I'm setting my table with lots of EVERY COLOR this summer. I love to mix it up.
M: My cocktail playlist always includes __________.
B: Leon Bridges
M: When I host a party I never __________.
B: Invite people via text
M: My favorite cocktail is __________.
B: a Margarita on the rocks, with extra salt on the rim
M: My go-to designer for finding the best summer frocks for summer parties is __________.
B: I'm usually in something long and flowy for summer dinner parties. I love Kalita's silk dresses. They're simple, but chic.
M: Best appetizer to make when I'm entertaining this summer is __________.
B: My sister make's the world's best guacamole. If I ask her nicely, she'll make it and bring it over!
M: The #1 rule I go by when monogramming my linens is:
B: Have fun with it! I like to experiment with different fonts, letter placements and, of course, color combinations. With so many options, why limit myself!